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Love Wins.

"'s got a power of it's changes...everything."

- Climie Fisher. 1987

Fear said “Why did you leave?”

Love said “Thank you for being here.”

Fear said “What happened?”

Love said “What’s next?”

Fear said “How can I move on?”

Love said “What is the alternative? Let’s keep going, one breath at a time.”

Fear said “Why me?”

Love said “Why not me? I’m open to receiving the gifts and wisdom of all my experiences.”

Fear said “We didn’t get to say goodbye…”

Love said “We never had to say goodbye. We never had to see you ill, hurt, sad. Only strong, happy, alive.”

Fear said “I’ll miss you forever.”

Love said “We have you imprinted in our cells. You are with us forever.”

Fear said “Why does it hurt so much?”

Love said “What a gift to have loved so much.”

Fear said “I don’t know if I can do this all by myself.”

Love said “You have always been by yourself, yet connected to all. That hasn’t changed.”

Fear said “Will I be enough?”

Love said “You are all that you need to be.”

Fear said “How could you do this to me?”

Love said “I know this happening for me.”

Fear said “This is too painful.”

Love said “My pain is the most powerful fuel with which to fulfill my purpose.”

Fear said “Will I ever truly laugh again?”

Love said “When you do, you’ll know you've healed. Fully. It’s closer than you think.”

Fear said “I can’t move ahead without closure.”

Love said “The only part that ever mattered was the love. I’m still here. Differently maybe, but more than ever, I’m still here. You understand me better and you value me more now. Don't go backwards. You've come so far.”

Fear said “Dry up and die off with the fall leaves. Shrink. Hide. Close up.”

Love said “Grow deeper roots and expand. Wrap your branches around all who are drawn to you.”

Fear said “Where did you go?”

Love said “You have landed in a new place, deeper in my heart than ever before.”

Fear said “But what about the kids?”

Love said “That’s why he picked me. “It’s fine, Bear”, he whispers to my heart.”

Fear said “Sit on the sidelines.”

Love said “Just dance.”

Fear said “This is terrifying.”

Love said “This is extraordinary.”

Fear said “I miss you.”

Love said “I’m so grateful that you were present enough in my life for me to feel your absence.”

Fear said “I’m devastated.”

Love said “I’m capable.”

Fear said “My heart is broken.” Love said “My heart expands with every memory of you.”

Fear said “I can’t handle this change. It’s too much.”

Love said “A change will do you good.” (Sheryl Crow ALSO said that, I know, but I think love said it first. #winkwink)

Fear said “Impossible.”

Love adds an apostrophe, hits the space bar and says “I’m possible.”

We always have a choice.

Let love win. It will change everything.

Til Next Time.

Heal & Be Healed.

TW. xo

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Oct 30, 2021

Perfect and beautiful

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