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Principles of Illumination - Part Two

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

“…You can’t start a fire without a spark…”

- Bruce Springsteen. 1984

You guys, all I can say is that during those weeks of my incredibly intense and fearful existence, the tools in that toolbox got me through. Essential oils on my body, around my body and IN my body, constantly…tapping with my mentors 8-10 times a day to move the anxiety and trauma through and out of my body….breath work with my kundalini mentor, fresh air, writing and my community. I even found a tiny shred of myself that was able to be of service. It felt good to answer a quick question about oils for a client, send an uplifting text to someone who I knew was struggling, write a letter of gratitude to the people who were supporting me and do my best to show up in all my interactions with grace and appreciation. I found that all of this conscious intent to stay in a space of gratitude despite the terror served ME more than anyone else.

These tools were - and continue to be - everything. They are the reason I have been able to be present for my kids. The reason I have been able to be responsive and not reactive to the myriad of upsetting questions I was asked by police and investigators and the onslaught of well-intended but unhelpful comments and offerings from people in my life. These tools are the reason I am able to be here now, healing through sharing my stories and suggesting that we focus on what is light and good amid our losses. They are the principals by which I live in order to attract more light. Nowadays, I put my own mask on first. It served me then. It is serving me now. Lesson learned, universe. Better late than never.

I am a lifelong lover of a good list and a gold star, so I like to check in with myself daily to see how I have supported myself in my healing. I try to check off these boxes and reward myself with a gold star (or sometimes potato chips) when I am done… These are my Three Principles of Illumination…

1. Did I Take my “Medicine”?

My “meds” are the things that I LOVE to do that help my healing – like chatting with friends in my community, watching a good tv show or listening to a podcast for learning OR just for fun, pulling myself an oracle card, taking a walk, writing a blog post, drinking coffee and mixing unique oil blends! These things get me to a higher state of vibration and set the mood for my day and attract more lightness. Ask yourself what YOUR medicine is? Taking a walk? Having a bath? Doing a crossword puzzle? Playing with your dog? I highly recommend getting back in touch with how you like to have fun. Life has changed so your definition of fun may have changed too. Find your meds! Take your meds!

2. Did I Practice Devotion?

My devotional practices are the things that can sometimes be hard to bring myself to do, especially if I am tired or sad, but they ALWAYS lift me up, shift my consciousness and contribute to my healing. Rising early to join in a community kundalini class, going for my run, EFT tapping with myself or a mentor, writing a journal entry, meditation, simply taking all my supplements. All these things serve to strengthen me mentally, physically and emotionally. Ask yourself what YOU are devoted to for the purpose of healing. Moving your body? Sitting still? Reading this blog? Getting outdoors, regardless of the weather? Devote yourself.

3. Did I Act in Service?

My acts include (but are not limited to!) teaching an oil class, writing and sharing a blog post, bringing some helpful essential oils to a teacher or family at my kid’s school, going live on Facebook to educate about how I am using my oils for emotional support during times of loss, offering to lead someone through a tapping session to help them calm down or affirm a goal they want to set. It is a gift to be aware of how we can help others in this life. It doesn’t have to be a huge act of service to have a huge impact. Take the time to make eye contact with others! Tell someone that you appreciate them. Offer words of encouragement to an acquaintance who wouldn’t expect to hear from you! Teach someone about something you love! See how it makes you feel to act in service. I am willing to bet you’ll feel a little bit more illuminated…and I know you’ll have lit someone else up.

All these principals are helping me rise and feel a little bit lighter as I travel along this very confusing and painful path. I am choosing to use these principles to shine a light on the parts of my life that I love, even while it’s hard. When it gets dark – and it DOES get dark – take a look in your toolbox. (And give yourself a gold star!)

Til next time,

Heal and be healed.


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